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Program Code: 130310

Offered by: Animation Education Teaching Management Team, Digital Art Dept.

Duration: Four years

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Art


The curriculum of this program is strictly following national standards for animation talent cultivation. It illustrates on basic principles of animation, visual storytelling, animation modeling, motion & acting, digital painting, digital animation technology, as well as digital content related knowledge and skills. Due to the flexible mechanism of private educational organizations like Chengdu Neusoft University, tailored training programs based on university-enterprise cooperation is closely integrated into student cultivation. With years of experience on TOPCARES-CDIO innovation class, the program enables senior students to directly become interns in animation film industry, who are supposed to be working on specific position in enterprises right after graduation.


To improve students' basic ability to meet the ever-increasing standards of the industry, this program is dedicated to equip students with more solid fundamentals of arts and original design capabilities. As the characteristics of this university, team spirits and originality are especially developed along with professional working experience, so as to enable student to blend in industrialized animation production procedures before graduation, and to become high-level application-oriented professionals with full access to animation projects after graduation.


Successful completion of this program enables students to:

- Have certain level of artistic accomplishment.

- Be acquainted with the current tide of animation industry both domestically and abroad.

- Master theoretical knowledge of animation and develop original animation awareness.

- Be familiar with the mainstream two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation tools.

- Master animation production processes and standards as well as innovation and teamwork spirits.

- Conceptualize, design, implement, and operate a complete animation project.


Potential Careers

Graduates may find employment with companies or organizations engaged in animation, game, film and television, advertising, television and other aspects involving abilities in creativity, design, production and post-synthesis. Possible positions include:

- Animation modeling designer

- Concept artist

- 2-D animator

- 3-D modeling artist

- Rigging designer

- 3-D animator

- Animation post-production artist

- Derivative product designer






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