Industrial Design
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Program Code: 080205

Offered by: Animation Education Teaching Management Team, Digital Art Dept.

Duration: Four years

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science


The program, based on TOPCARES-CDIO talent cultivation system and concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship, through integrated teaching process design, undertakes engineering education with focuses on product design, exhibition design, interaction design, and furniture design, etc.


It provides courses on both fundamental theories of design and practices on principles, procedures, methods and presentations of industrial design, exploring proper manipulation of relations between industrial and environments, users, markets, functions, models, colors, structures, materials and crafts.


On the basis of teaching studios, commercial projects, disciplinary competitions and patent applications are encouraged to contribute to distinguished talent cultivation, following the trend of industrial development.



The Training Goal of the Major

The students of the major mainly learn the basic theory and knowledge about industrial design, and accept the basic training about the principle, procedure, method, design and expression of industrial design. They have the basic ability to deal with the relationship of industrial design with environment, users, market, functions, shapes, color, structure, material and techniques, and show it in the design of products and services comprehensively.


When this program is successfully completed, students are supposed to:

- Systematically master the basic theoretical knowledges including design fundamentals, materials & techniques, design history & theory, HCI, digital & physical modeling, sustainable design, service & commerce design, etc.

- Acquire advanced abilities of design presentation, production, aesthetic appreciation, creativity and applied abilities with computer, internet, multimedia and English.

- Master skills in design management, interdisciplinary communication, team collaboration and emergency, so as to analyze and solve specific problems and participate in full life circle of products or services in the process of CDIO.


Potential Careers

Graduates may find employments in companies or organizations in cultural and creative Industries, engaged in industrial product design, space environment design, computer science and other aspect involving abilities in product appearance and structural design, space environment and guide system design, UX design and visual communication. Possible positions include:

- Industrial / product designer

- Graphic designer

- Structure engineer

- UI designer

- Game modeling artist

- Product design engineer



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