Digital Media Technology
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Undergraduate Program for Overseas Students.

Offered by: Animation Education Teaching Management Team, Digital Art Dept.

Duration: Four years

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science

According to increasing demand of IT industry, based on TOPCARES-CDIO ability system,the program implements project-oriented application ability cultivation. Courses are constructed with designed projects based on investigation of film and television industry. The program adopts “2+1+1” mode (2 years of theoretical study, 1 year of workshop practice and 1 year of intern in enterprises), and focus on cultivating applied abilities by integrating in-class courses with after-class activities and combining professional education with student’s character development.

When this program is successfully completed, students are supposed to:

- Have both technical and artistic accomplishments.

- Master theoretical knowledge of digital media technology and art.

- Innovate artistic way of thinking in applications for the internet, mobile media, on-line media, new media.

- Master applied skills in web design, UI design, HCI design, new media plan, UX design and application development.

Potential Careers

Graduates may acquire positions in companies or organizations engaged in internet, animation, interactive entertainment, film and television making, broadcasting, animation, communication, advertisement and other aspects involving abilities in digital media designing, interaction designing, new media editing and creative new media designing. Possible positions include:

- Graphic designer

- Operation planner

- Editor for new media

- On-line marketing specialist

- UI designer

- TD for new media

- Web designer

HSK 5 is required.


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